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Upcoming Talk at Devcon5-Austin: Rapid Prototyping HTML5 Applications With NodeJS

I’m getting ready for an upcoming talk titled: Rapid Prototyping HTML5 Applications with NodeJS, which I will presenting at Devcon 5 – Austin.

Here is a brief summary:

With HTML5, the modern web browser continues to mature as a capable application platform. The new specifications are broad, impacting nearly every technology associated with modern web development including graphics, connectivity, client-side storage, offline access, graphics, multimedia, and performance. JavaScript continues to be front and center as the core language. NodeJS extends JavaScript’s event loop paradigm to the server, and provides JavaScript engineers with the ability to produce functionality deeper in the software stack. This phenomenon has had an impact on types of software development ranging from full-scale, enterprise, mobile applications to robot hobbyists platforms. See innovative example solutions and learn why NodeJS is an ideal development platform for the production acceleration of next-generation HTML5 applications.

This is the beginning of a transition for me. With the release of HTML5 Hacks, I’m beginning to focus more on my ubiquitous JavaScript content. I’m excited, I have a lot to share.

Look for an update with a web based version of the slides.