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Just Moved HTML5 Hacks Into Copy/Edit

After a marathon of hackery starting in April, Jeff Burtoft and I pushed out 90 hacks and 435 pages of HTML5 Hacks this week. We also had a few guest hackers that created some really great content as well.

  • Raymond Camden of Adobe
  • Phil Legetter of
  • Alexander Schulze of jWebsocket
  • John Dyer of Dallas Theological Seminary
  • Alex Sirota of FoxyTunes

Overall, it was a great experience. What I enjoyed the most was getting into a workflow groove, much like when you are building an API or contributing to a project. With each hack, it was necessary to ideate, plan, create the code, test it, and then put it into a understandable format. By the end, I was feeling pretty efficient at kicking out interesting hacks pretty quickly.

I felt as though I improved over time, looking back is always interesting. I like to keep fine tuning and revising, but at some point you have to ship the product. I’m really proud of the work, it has been hard, but I learned a ton in the process.

Most of my hacks I tried to make relevant to real world software development challenges, and mix in a number of HTML5 specifications. Hopefully, that turns out to benefit the reader … I’m all ears on the feedback. So don’t hesitate to drop us a line.