Jesse Cravens

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Hitchin' a Ride to Texas

I’m hitchin’ a ride all the way to Texas, Dusk turns to night, I’m hopin’ my thumb will stop a ride. If this was the first time, I might be surprised, Now I know the difference between yall’s life and mine, I keep telling myself this is the way its supposed to be, The challenge of the new road is my destiny, And the only thought that kills the pain and gets me through the night, Is the thought of yall’ keepin’ those dreams insight. With the foothills in the rearview, and Raton around the bend, I cant help but to think this might be the end. Trying to keep my weary mind off those high lonesome sounds, Every mans soul is meant to shine, you’ll never force it down, The open roads a hollerin’ my name in the still of the night, There aint’ nothing like that humm -it just sounds so right, I’m hitchin’ a ride all the way back to Texas.