Jesse Cravens

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A whole lotta searchin’ and a little bit of lookin’ In the barrooms, poolhalls, churches and schools, Aint’ never found no woman who could keep my attention, That could make me crazy – make me act like a fool. I’m in love with livin’, and I aint’ afraid of nothing, I keep on movin’ so life don’t get slow. This game seems tricky and I might be a bit picky, But when I finally meet her Ill sure as hell know.

And then you look down deep in my eyes, and you smile at me that way. All I can do is look back in your eyes, Push your hair behind your ears, You give me goosebumps when you smile.

Now I’m reflecting, on that little bit of lookin’, But I don’t remember some of the places I’ve been, If I aint been learnin from all the decisions Ive been makin’, It’s time I learned to live with who I am. Now I’m relivin’ all those good times I was havin’, And all the lessons I learned from the people on the road. I might be crazy, a little bit lazy, I’m finally admittin’ to myself I’m sick of being alone.

Bridge: I used to keep on running, I’d run and run until I wore holes right through my shoes. Yeah I used to keep on running, Until I met you, that was all I knew.