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Ember.js Workshops

In the month of June, I had an opportunity to travel to Las Vegas to give a workshop and related talk at Future Insights Live 2014.

Jesse Cravens Future Insights 2014

My workshop was an 8 hour, beginner to intermediate level, course on Ember.js. I’ve added it to our HTML Hacks training content. If you or your company need training, give us a shout.

Here is a brief outline of the workshop:

Introducing Ember.js

Getting Started with the Starter Kit

Ember Inspector Overview

Ember Object Model

  • Application
  • Object Model, Inheritance, Getter and Setters, init, and .super
  • Object Model – Computed Properties
  • Object Model – Computed Properties w/ @each
  • Object Model – Observers
  • Object Model – Bindings
  • Object Model – Re-Opening Classes
  • Object Model – Mixins
  • Object Model – Enumerables

Jesse Cravens Future Insights 2014


  • Handlebars Templating Engine
  • With Data in an Array
  • Handlebars Helpers
  • Simple
  • Dependencies
  • Handlebars Helper to Get Bound Data

The Run Loop / Backburner

  • Backbone Example
  • Simple example
  • Flushing Router Transitions Queue
  • Backburner and computed properties


  • Understanding Handlebars Metamorph
  • Ember, Backbone Benchmarks
  • HTMLBars/Backburner, Backbone, React Benchmarks
  • HTMLBars Basics: no bind-attr
  • HTMLBars Basics: no metamorphs
  • HTMLBars Basics: logic


  • Simple
  • RSVP Chai-as-promised
  • RSVP and the Router – (more later)
  • RSVP.hash, RSVP.all – (more later in Views)


  • Simple .map
  • Router and Handlebars Helpers
  • outlet
  • render
  • partial
  • Routes vs Resources
  • Async Router
  • Understand Promises
  • Understand hooks / active generation
  • Simple RSVP hash from IndexRoute
  • Nested Routes, Async Router, before/after model hooks, named outlets


  • ObjectController and ArrayController
  • Controllers and Object Model
  • Hierarchy
  • Needs
  • Sorting


  • Simple Views
  • Custom View Helpers
  • Layouts (simple handlebars compile)
  • Built In Views
  • Select


  • Custom Elements


Ember-Data and the FixtureAdapter

Wrapping It All Together

  • RSVP.hash, Components, FixtureAdapter