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Teaching and Learning TechForum: Austin, Tx - October 27th, 2006

Some of the highlights from my recent visit with educators at the Texas Tech Forum included:

David Warlick:  An Educator’s Guide to Web 2.0

:: Pax home page :: || :: Pax Warrior ::

Pax Warrior is a Hybrid New Media product for the educational and training markets that extends the nascent “Interactive Documentary” form to incorporate decision based simulation and collaborative learning tools. It is at the lead of the new genre of “Serious Games”.

There was also quite a bit of a buzz over Linux, primariliy edubuntu. I recently installed edubuntu in my classroom and used it to begin a lesson on operating systems. I would be very excited about an opportunity to use older pcs to build a linux learning lab.

I’m using moodle to manage the Boerne Virtual School, so I took a little time to share my experience with other educators and to invite progrmaming teachers to join our class online.   

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