Jesse Cravens

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Business Computer Programming

My 9th grade Business Computer Programming class will be creating their own web page, as their first major project. Unlike most curriculums I have seen - the page will grow with them as they learn - and evolve into a fully functional html page w/ external css and javascript, and an embedded .swf that uses an xml playlist to play .mp3s.

I'm beginning with basic html so that they can learn from the ground up the ins and outs of an IDE, basic html structure, elements, tags, tag attributes, commenting, viewing source code.

We will reamin simple with our code, but I feel it important to dig deep into the 'bigger picture' aspects of writing html.

We will also use firefox developer tools to examine our products.


'If you want to prepare yourself for the next generations of HTML, you should start using lowercase tags. The World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) recommends lowercase tags in their HTML 4 recommendation, and XHTML (the next generation HTML) demands lowercase tags.'

We will touch on CSS and javascript. I'll use javascript to introduce methods, functions, properties, and parameters.